The LLC BVK also makes heat treatment of steel articles. Heat treatment is of considerable importance in steel making, and from its correct realization depends the quality of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of castings produced.

The following methods of heat treatment are used in BVK:

  • Primary anneal – stress relief in castings after crystallization, shake-out and cutting of risers.
  • Normalization – fine crushing of structure and creation of desirable mechanical properties.
  • Quenching with water cooling for high hardness, mechanical and wear resistance of steel. To make stress relief quenching is usually followed by drawback.
  • Anneal – stress relief after welding when necessary.

DSC08379.JPG DSC08251.JPG

In BVK, the following heat treatment machines are installed and used:

  • Gas furnaces with movable bottom plate by BOSIO, Slovenia – 3
  • A quenching bath, capacity 200 m3.

To make heat treatment, we follow these technical characteristics:

Gas furnace

Max. temperature of heating
1100 - 1200°С 
Working temperature
300 - 1180°С
Furnace temperature uniformity
±5°С with 550 - 720°С; ±10°С with 720 - 1050°С
Max load 65 tons
natural gas
Heat control
Heat speed
 200-900°С - 5-100°С/h; 900-1180°С - 5 -80°С/

Furnace control
by computer

Quenching bath

Dimensions, mm. 5000 х 9000

Depth, mm. 4450

Water capacity, m3  200