The LLC «BVK» is a modern foundry, which produces articles with a new level of quality. We are one of the most advanced foundries not only in the Russian Federation, but also in Europe.

We specialize in billets of body details using different types of steel. Thesearticlesarecreatedforfuelandenergysector.

Our production capacity is 25 000 tons of ingots per year.

The most important feature is our electric arc melting equipment with extra furnace treatment and vacuum treatment. Extra furnace treatment of steel is performed in the ladle-furnace. This enables to eliminate impurities, non-metallic inclusions and gases, which may lead to rejection of a casting. Scrap is loaded into the furnace and further melting enables to make a steel semi-product. Later this one goes to the ladle-furnace where metal gets refined and its temperature and chemical composition require all the needed characteristics. Then metal is sent to vacuum treatment where harmful gases in steel are eliminated.

The structure of our foundry: 

Melting area:

  • Induction melting furnace «Inductotherm» (USA)

    Индукционная сталеплавильная печь.jpg Индукционная сталеплавильная печь ..JPG

  • Electric arc melting furnace (EAF) by «Danieli» (Italy)    

    Дуговая сталеплавильная печь..jpg

  • Ladle-furnace (LF), «Danieli» (Italy)   

    Установка печь-ковш.JPG

  • Ladle-furnace (LF), «Danieli» (Italy)

    конвектер для вакуумной обрабтки стали.JPG

  • Liquid steel pouring system «Danieli» (Italy)

    Установка для разливки стали в изложницы.jpg

  • Chemical laboratory (chemical analysis, analysis of gases)

Moulding area:

  • Mechanical moulding. Mixer 60 t/hour by «IMF» (Italy)   

    Механизированная формовочная линия..jpg механизированная формовочная линия.jpg          

  • Area of big molds. Mobile mixer 50 t/hour by «IMF» (Italy)   

    Мобильный смеситель 50 т.ч.JPG

  • Core area.  2 mixers with 20 and 6 t/hour, «IMF» (Italy)      

  • Heat and mechanical regeneration system for moulding mixture

Final treatment of castings:

  • Heat area

    Gas furnace Bosio (Slovenia) with roll-out floor – 3 

    Quenching bath (water).   

  • Final treatment.

    This is our shot-lasting camera with a rotating table produced by «Turbotecnica» (Italy); an intermediate shot-blasting camera with a hook and a suspended conveyer

    Проходная дробеочестная камера с поворотным столом.jpg

    • We have a number of sectors for quality control (technical control department, non-destructive control laboratory, testing laboratory, metrological service and the department of certification and audit).

      Our combination of equipment is unique in its kind and it enables to produce articles using low carbonic, low-alloy and high-alloy steels as well as stainless and duplex steels etc.