“KONAR Should Be an Example in Achieving Chelyabinsk Region Strategic Goals”, Boris Dubrovskiy said

24 may 2014

4b46d50155af72a7d1973b7859cd0d47.jpgActing as governor of Chelyabinsk Region, Boris Dubrovskiy visited industrial areas of the plant Stankomash and BVK foundry, which makes part of the KONAR Group.

The KONAR Group became a new owner of almost totally destroyed industrial areas of the plant Stankomash in the middle of February 2014. Walking through the ruins and partly operating workshops of the former plant, the Director General of CJSC KONAR Valeriy Bondarenko told the governor about his projects of enterprise reconstruction and new directions to be followed.

LLC BVK is one of promising projects already put to life in cooperation with Italian colleagues in the former industrial areas of Stankomash. It is a modern foundry producing raw body parts for gate and wedge valves, ball cocks, body components for oil pumps and turbines, components for fuel energetic valves and nuclear industry raw parts.

Boris Dubrovskiy is sure that involving abandoned industrial capacities in new production processes can help to achieve important Strategy goals such as – double growth of gross regional product accomplished by new technologies and equipment.

"Mechanical engineering is one of the basic industries of the Chelyabinsk Region. The KONAR Group shows a great example of an enterprise we can be proud of; it is certainly an anchor point for growth. This enterprise has an immense potential as for import substitution and development of regional cooperation by involving technical achievements that were never used before. We will always support such investors, Boris Dubrovskiy mentioned after visiting the plant. – I have seen entire Stankomash and got acquainted with its history: the former plant is half destroyed, and this recreated workshop is of vital importance for Chelyabinsk region and its economy. This shows how a brand new enterprise can be created during just a couple of years by using empty areas with energetic and logistic capacities as well as trained personnel. This is a spectacular example for further progress in line with the Development Strategy of the Chelyabinsk Region".

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