Wedge valves

Wedge valves make part of pipeline components. In a wedge valve saddles are positioned with a small angle between them, and the gate has a form of a wedge which, when the valve is “closed”, can be inserted well into the space between saddles.

Type of connection welding, flanged 
Steel type20ГЛ (ГОСТ 21357-87), 20ГЛ (ТУ 0870-001-37866007), 20Л (ГОСТ 977-88)
Flow section diameter, mm
150 - 800
Nominal pressure, MPa
1,6 - 25
Temperature of environment, °С
- 60   + 40
Temperature of environment, °С
- 16   + 80
Seismic stability
PS (up to 10 points, scale MSK-64)

A wedge valve is a highly secure type of stop valves. This article can enable minimum pressure losses during the flow when a pipeline is closed. Its construction reduces noise and vibration and enables slow filling in and slow discharge of a pipeline.