Slide gate valves

Slide gate valves are pipeline components where saddles are located in parallel, and the gate is a slide gate which can totally block the flow section.

Type of connection welding, flanged 
Types of steel20ГЛ (ГОСТ 21357-87), 20ГЛ (ТУ 0870-001-37866007), 20Л
Diameter, mm
300 - 1200
Nominal pressure, Mpa
1,6 - 12,5
temperature of environment, °С
- 60   + 40
temperature of environment, °С  - 16   + 80
Seismic stability
PS (up to 10 points, scale MSK-64)
A slide gate valve is a very secure type of stop valves. Its slide gate, used as a stop element, is capable of cutting different inclusions in liquids, which flow inside the valve. This explains the destination of this type of stop valves, which are used to block the working flow of high viscosity capable of crystallization and possessing hard and abrasive particles, which are for the most part active chemical substances.