The LLC BVK is a modern foundry where are presently working about 500 people. People are of considerable importance for us. We employ only the best specialists, and which is more, we enable our staff members to make constant progress. We have created comfortable working conditions, which help people to discover their possibilities. The LLC BVK is eager to create a friendly and skillful collective unit where everyone can satisfy his ambitions.

It enables the following possibilities for its staff:

  • For workers:
  • - Preparation of new staff and retraining;

    - Possibility to get second profession;

    - Professional growth (extension courses, special courses).

  • For leaders and specialists:
  • - Extension courses (in other enterprises working in cooperation with BVK) to learn how to use new technology, as well as seminars, trainings, special courses and other activities;

    - Special courses include preparation and certification of the staff in the fields of industrial security.

    As a significant taxpayer and employer, the LLC BVK makes an important contribution in the social and economic development of Chelyabinsk. Only in 2014, hundreds of workplaces with competitive salaries were created, and actually, this is not a limit, because professionals are still very important. We like ambitious and successful personalities.

    Career in BVK

    You may send your curriculum to In the subject of your letter, indicate the function you would like to get in BVK.