The LLC BVK is a modern foundry with well-trained personnel and it follows its path designed to create competitive articles and to satisfy completely the demands of its customers taking into account their wishes and decisions.


    Production of large castings and steel ingots according to the customers’ demands.


    We follow strictly our quality standards in making moulden billets and ingots, constantly taking into account the demands of our customers and modern economic standards. We are searching for new ways to develop our production by means of examination and prediction of desirable quality.


    Our customer is the main source of our well-being and development and we should treat him respectfully.

    Our service involves effective, productive and reliable methods.

    We control our quality to win confidence of our customers and to consolidate our relations with them.


    Making our customer believe that our moulden billets and ingots correspond to the requirements of bills of materials and technical documents, by introducing management of quality control system corresponding to GOST ISO 9001:2011 and МС ISO 9001:2008, with constant improvement of this system.

    Decrease of labour intensiveness with excellent quality of billets and ingots produced.

    Distribution of powers and responsibilities of the staff, with constant professional growth of workers and leaders, to achieve effective use of knowledge and skills of each person.

    Developing skills of analysis in staff members by informing them on the goals of production and needs of customers.

    Making periodical analysis of the management system for constant efficiency and conformity with all requirements

    Development of material and technical basis with reconstruction and technical modification of production, including purchase of new devices and equipment.

    Effective cooperation with suppliers, with understanding, confidence and respect of each other during partnership.

    Working in a single team creating healthy atmosphere, which helps to find out problems and to solve them, improving quality.

    Supplying necessary resources to achieve every goal mentioned.

    The heads of the foundry promise to respect their Policy of quality and they ask all workers and employees to keep to the same goals on every stage of production of moulden billets and ingots.