LLC BVK makes part of the Group Konar which develops, creates and supplies equipment for gas, oil and petrochemical production.

Today the following companies make part of KONAR: 

  • ZAO Konar – components of pipelines, valves for tube diameter of 1200 mm, production of supports for pipelines and engineering.
  • LLC BVK, a steel-melting foundry producing complex articles with max weight of 30 tons.

  • Central institute of research and development STARK – creation of new valve constructions based upon innovative technology and materials.

  • LLC Voljskaya Kuznitsa – a forging plant specializing in Christmas trees produced by forging and stamping, with max weight about 1,5 t/piece.

  • LLC Stankomash – a plant specializing in Christmas trees for oil industry.

  • LLC Konar SPB – office of ZAO Konar in Saint-Petersburg.

  • LLC Konar Samara – office of ZAO Konar in Samara.

  • LLC Konar – Perm – office of ZAO Konar in Perm.

  • Moscow office of Konar.

  • LLC VEBB – a building and construction organization.

  • LLC Energotekhservis – an energetic and repairing organisation.