March 2010                       

A decision to create a foundry was taken

September 2011

An agreement of partnership to create a joint company was signed between ZAO Konar and Cividale SPA. A financial plan approved.

December 2011

A legal entity LLC BVK was registered. Technical specification was discussed and contracts to deliver main equipment, were signed.

June 2012

The first drawing was received and areas for main equipment were managed.

October 2012

Induction steel-melting furnace and 20 t/hour mixer, were launched.

December 2012

First casting produced.

May 2013

Basic equipment launch – steel-making arc furnace and ladle-furnace.

June, 27 2013

Permission to melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals, was received.

July, 1 2013

First contract to deliver billets for pipeline valves was signed.

July 2013

A converter for steel vacuum treatment, was started, and it was used to make first 4,7 t steel ingots.

September 2013

Certification of quality management system according to ГОСТ ISO 9001:2011, MS ISO 9001:2008

September, 30 2013

Official opening of the foundry. 

October 2013

Production in series of ingots for forging and rolling off started.

December 2013

April 2014

Production in series of castings body valve DN 1000 PN80 with the weight of 13 tons started.

Supply of ingots for the needs of the Russian Federation Ministry Of Defense.

May 2014

December 2014

First stainless ingots made

Production certified according to the system of ecological management ISO 14001:2004 and work safety and security management system OHSAS 18001:2007 

February 2015    

April 2015

Production in series of castings body DN1200 Pn80 with the weight of 19 tons began

Production of oil pumps MHH-10000 started.